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Seven Erectile Dysfunction Treatments that Improve Your Sex Life!

Seven erectile dysfunction treatments that improve your sex life
Little is said about erectile dysfunction, but has recently gained prominence thanks to the release of a surgical procedure penis. In youth, the main cause of impotence is usually anxiety, chronic diseases such as diabetes, uncontrolled cholesterol, hypertension, obesity and smoking are related to episodes of impotence in older men. "Erectile dysfunction affects nearly 40% of men aged 40-80 years."
Given the high incidence of the problem, however, finding medical help is still quite shy. Embarrassed by the situation, men wait three to five years to schedule a consultation with a specialist, according to urologists. "Medicine has made great progress in this field, we can say that, today, the one with erectile dysfunction is because he wants".

The following are seven treatments for impotence.

Oral drugs
Oral medications are always the first choice of treatment of erectile dysfunction provided the patient has no lesions in the arteries of the penis or contraindications for substances of the formulas. "They improve blood flow to the penis, which helps erection. It should be taken with not very full stomach, about one to two hours before intercourse and vary in time of action and power.
The long-acting drugs, for example, may serve a maximum of 36 hours. This does not mean that man has an erection for 36 hours, but during that period may have an erection when sexually stimulated. The obligation to take the medicine before having a relationship, however, bothers some men for disturbing the spontaneity of the moment. In these cases, your doctor may prescribe a daily dose of drug, as an ongoing treatment. The main side effects are headache, flushing, stuffy nose feeling and tachycardia. At the sign of any of these or other symptoms, the doctor should be informed.

If oral medications are not effective or are contraindicated, the specialist will go for the second option for treatment: intra-cavernous. The advantage of the method is that the drug acts about fifteen minutes after application. Moreover, this case does not need any encouragement to a man to have an erection. "The substance injected stimulates circulation and promotes dilation of the arteries at the site, which increases blood flow to the penis resulting in an erection." The duration of erection varies depending on the injected dose, which is set in consultation with your doctor.

Although effective, treatment is not always well accepted by patients. "Some people are afraid of the needle." "Imagine, then, if in the penis." Experts stress that people with difficulties in maintaining a pulse or conditions that cause hand tremors should seek the assistance of a partner for the application.

Malleable prosthesis in the penis
The penile prosthesis surgeries and treatments are therefore more complex than taking medicines or injections. So take third place in the scale of options for patients with erectile dysfunction. The type of technique simpler and more affordable. "The doctor inserts a metal rod wrapped with silicone malleable in the patient, which means it is strong enough for penetration to 100% of the time. At the time of connection, simply lifts the penis.
Surgery malleable penile prosthesis lasts about an hour and you can leave the hospital 24 hours after surgery with a bandage to prevent bruising and keep the penis down, which makes the trip to the bathroom, for example. In the days that follow, there is a natural discomfort of surgery, but no acute pain.
The sexual life, in turn, can be resumed within 30 days after the operation. It is worth reiterating that this is a totally artificial construct. But according to the urologist, usually provide greater patient satisfaction than medication or injection. The only caution in man is when it comes to "accommodate" the penis. Because it is no longer more limply at before the operation, you may need special underwear to conceal the volume.

Inflatable penile prosthesis
Unlike the malleable penile prosthesis, the prosthesis allows the inflatable penis returns to its flaccid state after sex. The method includes the introduction of inflatable penile cylinders connected to a pump with a special liquid, which simulate blood implanted in the scrotal area, and a third testicle. To promote erection, simply activate the pump to drain the fluid in the cylinder. After intercourse the penis must be slightly pressed down so that the liquid back to the pump and becomes flaccid again.
The surgery takes about two hours and the patient should be hospitalized for a day or two. As in the malleable prosthesis activity, your sex life can resume the approximately 30 days after the procedure and does not deteriorate day to day activity. Of the two types, this is the one that can make this more erect penis. However, it has a higher cost.

"In many cases, erectile dysfunction can result from psychological factors." For such patients, none of the treatments described above. It is best to consult a sexologist trained therapist will help put an end to this blockade. The problem may start on any day in which, because of anxiety, man has an erection. If you control the fear of impotence in the next opportunity, the collection gets bigger, further hindering your performance.

According to several urologists, it is common for men with erectile dysfunction men ask an indication of a drug to be a consultation with a specialist. This can not only mask the problem, but also cause serious health problems if you have the appropriate profile for medication.


The bypass is a procedure suitable for fairly severe erectile dysfunction. "It is done when the patient has problems in the arteries that supply the penis." The case, however, must be carefully evaluated. How to make a heart bypass, for example, is crucial, as the body works 24 hours a day. The penis, in turn, spends most downtime. Improve vascularization, therefore, may lead to clogged veins and blood flow decreases when it is too soft.

Vacuum pump
The vacuum pumps were forgotten as part of the arsenal of treatments for erectile dysfunction, but regains strength in operated patients with prostate cancer who seek penile rehabilitation. Today, only sold in sex accessory stores, because they increase the volume of the penis. It consists of a cylinder into which the penis is inserted. "By means of a suction system, then the air is removed from the cylinder, reducing the" internal pressure conditions. This negative pressure promotes blood flow to the penis, which favors erection.
The vacuum pump is used in medicine only in patients who have had to remove the penile prosthesis infection or rejection. During the period that they have to wait to do another intervention, the pump can be useful to prevent deforming scars the organ.

How to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases!

How to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases
There are several ways and means to avoid or prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and the main ones are:

1 -. Expect a medical check: Avoid sexual contact with new partners until both examinations are carried and be sure not to have any STDs.

2 -. Communication with your partner: always good to have good communication on this topic are your partner before having sexual activities, for the good of both. When these types of issues and situations discussed openly, it is much easier to address them. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

3 -. Using condoms correctly: Using latex condoms properly placed minimizes the risk of infection. We must remember that the birth control methods do not work as a physical barrier between man and woman, such as birth control pills do not prevent STDs at all.

4 -. Not having sex with anonymous: One of the best ways to protect against STDs is best to know the person with whom sexual activity occurs, and of course having knowledge if it can get to have some kind of infection. Otherwise the chances of STDs are quite random and not recommended for anyone.

5 -. Maintain relationships with a partner who is not infected: The surest way to protect against STDs, have a long-term relationship with a person that we are sure we can trust in this regard.

6 -. No excessive drinking or drugs: If any person, both men and women are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and hallucinogenic substances, are more likely to have sex with a person that does not know or met recently, which significantly increases the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Using these techniques it is possible to reduce by 95% the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease that can eventually mean really important and serious complications to our health.

The benefits provided by Quitting!

The benefits provided by Quitting
For people who are trying day by day quit smoking and start a new life, in this article I bring prior information so they are aware of the great benefit that has quit. Obviously we all know that smoking is not allowed good results but as it is a vice that for many it becomes difficult to stop, not a bad idea to motivate them with some vital information about the benefits that leaves us once we made the big decision to quit smoking.

  1. For starters we have the great benefit that will not have to spend more money to buy a ticket, because we can use that money for other purchases, perhaps something more productive, like any healthy food or something that has nothing to do with the vice of snuff.
  2. Another benefit that we have to stop smoking is to be free from coughing causes snuff us, all who have been smokers or those who continue to smoke even know exactly how annoying this is.
  3. Also get rid of bad odor causing snuff consumption. Normally we do not feel up to running into another smoker.
  4. Many times we have to visit a health center to address one of the problems caused by snuff, throat infection by nicotine and obviously this routine we forget to stop smoking bothers.
  5. Another benefit is very comfortable to feel that food tastes much better. Really to stop smoking, the food tastes better and we remove all the nicotine and dirt that accumulate with each cigarette you smoke.
  6. After leaving the snuff you start to replace some physical, such as seeing us healthier, have a skin with a natural tone and started to gain more weight. Our physical appearance changes completely.
  7. We will not have to go through embarrassing moments, such as having to talk to other people and noticing that the smell you leave the ground because the people around you perceive reach.
  8. We say goodbye to yellow teeth. Being a smoker, no matter how many times we brush, our teeth remain yellow and is virtually impossible to maintain a perfectly white teeth.

In short, smoking causes us so much damage that would limit death, that is why we must act before it is too late. This concludes the article, I hope you have been very helpful. Having these trifles present helps keep us motivated when we decided to quit.

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Tips to Fall Asleep!

Tips to Fall Asleep
Many people suffer from insomnia and constantly think: If I do not sleep, tomorrow I'll be exhausted. According to doctors, they have insomnia when you cannot fall asleep or rest at night is interrupted by periods of wakefulness several times a week for several weeks.

Eventually, insomnia has serious consequences for both the individual and society. In countries like Germany, industrial accidents and traffic caused by tiredness cause damage estimated at nearly 10,000 million annually. Most serious road accidents occur because the driver falls asleep.

As the biological rhythm reaches its lowest point between 3 and 5 am, and by 2 in the afternoon, that's when the insomniac feel more tired, you can concentrate less and decreases performance. However, some of those affected consult a physician, and many turn to drugs without considering the consequences. Millions of people take sleeping pills every night, and many of them are addicted.

7 Tips for Better Sleep

  1. As and live healthily. A glass of red wine can help sleep, but alcohol in excess causes a restless sleep, especially in the second half of the night.

  2. Enhance your bedroom. Ventilate the room before going to bed or leave the window ajar. Darken the room as much as possible. Use proper bedding for each station.

  3. Get more exercise. Running, cycling or swimming for half an hour three times a week increases the need for rest and, therefore, extends deep sleep stages.

  4. Learn to relax. Spend a few hours to wander between the day and at bedtime. Read a book. Make a list of your concerns and thoughts before bed.

  5. Go to bed at the auspicious hour. Go to bed and get up at about the same time every day, including weekends. Having a schedule to sleep constantly maintains the biological rhythm, which is our internal clock. No naps. Even the shortest sleep during the day can affect sleep.

  6. Have a bedtime ritual. Take a bath at a temperature of between 34 and 38 degrees Celsius and use a lavender scent to relax. Drink hot milk with honey, which are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that has the mood to sleep.

  7. If necessary, get up at midnight. Do not stay in bed without to wink. It is better to go to another room and get distracted by something relaxing, like listening to peaceful music. Do not watch the clock at night, this is making nervous.

These sleeping tips can be helpful, but requires patience to achieve results. If after practicing for several weeks even sleep well, do not resort to pills. It is best to go to the doctor.

5 Tips to Improve Your Brain Health Today!

5 Tips to Improve Your Brain Health Today
1. Learn a new skill every day
Take a new instrument, or perhaps a new language. Join a new learning experience allows the brain to develop new neural pathways, and refine these new pathways through daily practice. Once a skill becomes so routine that can be done to autopilot mode, practice and does not substantially alter brain activity, which indicates that it is time to learn something new

2. Doing more exercise
Intensity aerobic exercises and trainings in regular interval increase in brain-derived neurotrophic factor one, which acts essentially as fertilizer in brain neurons and increases each neural connections.
3. Spice up your life with some turmeric
Epidemiological studies on indigenous peoples, in which turmeric is used in abundance, have discovered that Alzheimer's disease is 75% less common than in the United States. So, add a little turmeric to your soups and smoothies, and saute in vegetable and meat can keep much healthier brain.

4. Eat until you are 80% full
It was recently demonstrated that the practice of caloric restriction on a greatly increased intellectual capacity. When German researchers imposed a caloric reduction of 30% in a group of individuals, and compared their memory function to a group of the same age who basically ate what I wanted, the calorie-restricted group experienced a significant improvement in the memory function relative to their peers.

5. Increase your intake of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
It is shown that regular consumption of DHA increases learning and memory. Eat fatty fish such as salmon, trout, sardines, or take a supplement of DHA from algae and reap the health benefits of this essential fatty acid in your brain.

How to Manage Asthma Naturally!

How to Manage Asthma Naturally!
Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the lungs small pockets called alveoli, where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged in breathing. An asthma attack occurs when lung tissue is inflamed to such a degree that cannot get enough oxygen in the blood stream, while carbon dioxide can not be expelled.

Conventional treatment of asthma

Asthma treatment with traditional medicines is useful, but lately we see reports of increased heart disease that these drugs pose. In addition, a recently published report in the journal Pediatrics reviewed recent studies on Tylenol and found that the drug can exacerbate asthma in children and adults who already have the disease, and even cause new cases.

A Natural Approach

Natural medicine can significantly strengthen immune function, which in turn can help prevent asthma attacks. If you are looking for ways to manage asthma naturally, here are some tips:

  1.  Exercise: Physical activity increases lung capacity and strengthens the muscles you need to breathe.
  2.  Acupuncture: There is evidence that acupuncture controls some inflammation in body tissues when allergic reactions.
  3.  The Omega-3 fatty acids: They have a direct anti-inflammatory effect on mucous membranes. In a study of 29 children with asthma, those who took fish oil for 10 months reduced their symptoms compared to children who took a placebo.
  4. Vitamin D: Studies show that children with asthma have low vitamin D levels compared to children without asthma symptoms.
  5. Butter-bur: This natural herb has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, research studies have shown that they can help control asthma.

The connection with chiropractic

It is vital for your health and the immune system is well balanced inflammatory response. Inflammation is your body's effort to deal with the damaged tissues and begin repair. The unrest in these systems can lead your body to hurt himself.

Chiropractors focus on keeping your body well balanced, which indirectly affects asthma. A healthy spine is essential for a healthy nervous system, which coordinates all other systems in the body.

Beauty Tips for Women!

Beauty Tips for Women
Some of the more practical beauty tips not going to find for magazines are little personal tricks which can save women more than a fix. Tips we have to keep in mind when putting on makeup and do all the steps to feel pretty. Here we discuss some tips that you can implement whenever you want.

When applying hair conditioner while showering, when we try to apply certainly not always be as we want. The trick is to apply it from the ears down, not from the root.

All anti-wrinkle creams and moisturizers for the face are usually very good for the skin, but when we put it into your face, do not forget the importance of doing well in the neck, a point to consider.

When we try to apply ourselves makeup base, we expect at least that is dry, apply ourselves mostly before the rest of the makeup.

On the other hand, when you wear makeup, you can put some on your lips and your lips will be much more colorful and showy.

The conditioner can squeeze 20 seconds in the microwave so that the heat can be activated all its components, and when you apply it on the hair can view a much more surprising.

And finally, when you have no time to apply makeup and you have to get out quickly to the streets, sunglasses are one of the best options to go unnoticed.

Makeup Secrets!

Makeup Secrets
It's unbelievable how some carry a hectic lifestyle and often, either for work performed or for any other reason, we ignore the beauty and completely neglect, and that sometimes we spend even 5 minutes a day , then your physical appearance is noticed, so we recommend that at least 10 minutes of your day to day I devote to makeup, completely enhance your appearance completely.}

To do this we use some good makeup artist secrets, first a good concealer. Nothing should makeup start using it in the place where you have dark circles you want to hide. You can put a bit of concealer on the lip contour, so you can avoid wrinkles. You'll have to spread it well so that no lumps remain small.

Then, apply Make-base, and cast a little dust that is the same color as the base, so you'll have extra support. If it's a daytime makeup, you must ensure that you look as natural as possible, so it is best that you get a shadow as light shade.

Then you have to highlight the eye as much as possible. The best you can do is apply a brown shadow in the corner of your eyes, once done that you will only diffusing into the eye, and your eyes will shine with more explicitness and highlighted more.

Makeup for Full Lips!

Makeup for Full Lips
Are you one of those who think there is nothing nicer than tender and sensual lips? Sure, that's what any guy can resist, however, not all can boast beautiful lips, some people have too fleshy lips, and do not know what technique to use when Mariquilla. Do not worry; here we will give a set of guidelines to not have problems.

In just 4 steps you will discover some of the tricks you're looking for;

First, you have to use an exfoliating product for your lips, since it could help hydrate in a much better and faster. Such as Lip Treatment Moisturizer, its cost is very expensive it is around 15 euros, and you know, when it comes to beauty, there is nothing to stop women.

The trick is to exfoliate your lips all day every day, you ask how to do it, because that will only take a few minutes a day you can get a perfect finish.

If you want your lips fuller remain still have to use a volumizing product, it will do is inflate smoothly. After 5 minutes take it off, but you will see as just itchy.
And finally, if you want your lips still have a lot more volume using lighter colors than normal, making the textures are much more bright and bold, it could help them look much thicker and bulkier.

Tips on How to Get Healthy Hair!

Tips on How to Get Healthy Hair
All women are envious of that brand of shampoo commercials and cream rinse where models show their hair radiant, silky, hydrated, with perfect waves ... and think ... why I do not work like the product? Today we bring you some tips that can complement the products and ensure that all hair that we all desire.

For healthy hair, as all we have proved, not simply use the best products and with the best hairdressers attend. The secret is to take care of daily and special way you require. Like any part of the body, the hair has certain needs to stay healthy and shiny.

Some tips we can give them so they can keep hair strong, healthy and silky, is to make a diet that is healthy. The consumption of foods containing protein, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids are extremely important so that the hair does not spoil. So it is important to know what foods to consume to keep it healthy. Proteins, in turn, are extremely useful to prevent hair breakage, also facilitates its growth and color.

Acids, in turn, help keep the hair healthy and silky.

Another important issue when it comes to taking care of our hair is the use of brushes and combs that have rubber teeth. Those plastic or wooden teeth usually scalp hurt us, impeding the growth of the hair.
It is important that you brush your hair prior to bathing and that while bathing the hair is a little weaker and tends to fall. On the other hand, when we apply shampoo massage the scalp so that in this way we help to stimulate the circulation of blood.

Finally we can give you the advice to use ionic dryer, as they are the least harmful to the hair. You can use them with a mouthpiece so that contact with the hair straight is the least possible.
Hope you can follow these tips basic and simple in order to achieve the hair you have always wanted.

Choosing the Shampoo!

Choosing the Shampoo
Many of us no longer know what shampoo selected to be good for our hair. There are a variety of types of shampoo for every hair type and sometimes we have no idea what could be better. That's why today we will tell you how you can select a good shampoo according to whether your hair is dry, is weak, fatty, dyed, straight, curly, etc.

The first thing to consider is this: the characteristics of your hair. You should focus on the central feature of your hair, because usually there are different types but never find a shampoo for curly and brittle hair. In this case, for example, must take more account of the characteristic that your hair is brittle and buy to fix this problem. If we have a healthy hair, our curlers hardly look good.

Another aspect that is important to keep in mind when buying a shampoo is the price the same. You should note that there are only overvalued brands by the brand itself. So it's important that you make the value for money, and for that you compare prices. If you think there is an ideal product for your hair but it is so affordable that does not look good, I recommend you try. Sometimes you'll get tremendous surprises. Another issue I think is important is the odor of the shampoo.

If you buy one that does us good to hair but it smells bad, it is not ideal. You must find the balance between these aspects to find the right one.

Bear in mind also when bathing, you should follow the directions on the package. Sometimes we do not know to use the shampoo and that's why we work. Always we must apply first to our hand and then with moistened hair and we must apply it in a circular massaging the scalp to have a better effect. It is important to form the foam as it is a sign that you've massaged enough. Remember to leave a moment that the shampoo takes effect and not take it off the next second.

Another important issue is that you wash every day, always in need of cleaning, especially when you walk in the street for hours.

Treatments for Menopause!

Treatments for Menopause
Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is that by which estrogen and progesterone is added to the body to facilitate the transition of menopause and reduce the effects it brings. Today we'll talk about how women can use hormonal treatments and how.

Some women before menopause, had to be performed, for example, an emptying of the uterus, is hysterectomy. In this case, these women can only receive estrogen treatments. In all other cases, women may receive combined treatment of progesterone and estrogen.
Always bear in mind that women who have had breast cancer should not take hormone replacement treatments that are harmful to the point of sometimes cause a new cancer or increase.

For this type of treatment there are different methods. First are the most commonly used are the pills, then you can use patches or gels and finally there are also vaginal rings or creams in smaller doses than pills.

Home Remedies
While there are hormonal treatments that work perfectly, sometimes are too costly or are harmful in another aspect of health, which is why today we bring you some simple tips that can do at home to reduce symptoms of menopause less harmful way possible for your body.

You might feel better without using drugs, having a balanced diet which include proteins, vitamins and minerals is one way to reduce the symptoms of menopause. Of course, this diet should be accompanied by an exercise of not less than thirty minutes daily calcium intake to reduce the risk of osteoporosis that usually comes hand in hand with menopause.

The important thing is that you can adapt to this new life in the best way possible, trying to get to you as possible. You should note that you should always consult your gynecologist if you need some therapy to improve your everyday life.

Healthy lifestyle in Old Age!

Healthy lifestyle in Old Age
Beyond where we should go see the elderly people, and even if they do not, and that is too far away, we all come this time, and we will be playing live. Also called retirees are those who have lived a life and are in the last stage of life.

To encourage them to want to have a healthy lifestyle to all those elderly people, because if they feel loved helps them in their day to day. Feel affection for the elderly is very helpful for quality of life, both of us like them. And it's no use if we feel able to show a simple gesture of complicity and love.
Usually, when you're doing older, loss of physical and mental faculties diminish considerably, so it is very difficult for them to realize all, so sometimes in most cases, our elders fall in depressions and disincentives to not be loved.

Some studies have failed to show that a lot of elderly, suffer from some type of motivation in life by not being loved. And they deserve a grain of our time so that they can be ones at the end of the day they have witnessed in our lives, both their children and grandchildren, and they have always given everything for us. So bring them costs nothing these last details of kindness and gratitude.

4 Ways to Listen to Your Body Language!

4 Ways to Listen to Your Body Language
1. Meditate and breathe
The benefits of meditation exercises are many, and the possibilities are endless, and we are all different. Meditation is a great way to listen to your body and soul, and allow more eloquent messages come to your mind.

One thing you can discover through meditation is quite a strange feeling in the body and a remarkable relaxation of muscles, even if you did not know you were tense.

Although not always know what all the feelings that meditation is affecting our body, it is always good to take time to know you better yourself and your body.

2. Slow down when you feel the need, and expresses the emotions bottled
When we become more aware of ourselves is when we really started him on a course to our lives. Things do not just happen to us, we have a say in the manifestation of our experiences. Like the brain sends the signal to the body to move and do, our thoughts, our words and our actions affect our body.

We love talking to our body, we can caress, soothe and massage with our own hands, and honor the messages that the body gives us every moment.

3. Pay attention to the patterns present in your life
Many of our behaviors and experiences, like nature, still some kind of rhythm and cycle. Not everything that we feel and experience is a complete random occurrence.

In a log book, records lunar stations, season, year, or even the anticipation of the sun in your thoughts for the experiences that happen to you. You may find a pattern and a vision with these experiences that may be useful to your life as the years running.

4. No need to know the meaning of every little thing
It is always important to honor yourself. Trust your feelings and distrust of the meaning of your experiences and what is true for you. Let the feelings go and return. Only mental notes to always move forward. Everything will make more sense with the passage of time.

Just slows a bit and pay attention. Leave all windows open and let yourself be surprised by the wonders that life has to offer.

4 Simple Tips to Revitalize Your Health!

4 Simple Tips to Revitalize Your Health
Revitalize Your Health from scratch can seem a daunting task, especially with all the options out there. People resort to fad diets and low-fat foods, not paying attention to what it means to be healthy. Follow these tips to get a comprehensive wellness and achieve that balance with your health you are looking for.

1. Get up to a deep stretch
What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Morning Stretching increases blood circulation, flexibility and posture, which results in higher energy levels for the day. Try a deep stretch of neck, shoulders and continues to stretch the hamstrings finally get up in the morning.

2. Take a vitamin D3
Vitamins are fashionable at the moment and with that comes the confusion about what to take and what not to take. It is very common to have vitamin D deficiency and not even notice. Vitamin D is responsible for immunity, mineral absorption, protection against disease, a healthy body weight, and more.

3. Cooking with coconut oil
Despite what you might have heard about the health benefits of olive oil for cooking, not enough to be as good as coconut oil. When heated, the molecular structure changes and olive oil begins to break down, thus losing many of the benefits of its natural state. It happens the same way with coconut, which has more resistance to cooking. In addition, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid (found only in breast milk) that helps our bodies fight viruses and bacteria such as herpes and influenza.

4. A little yoga before bed
Focus especially on your breathing and shoulder exercises (like the "shoulder stand" being upside down). This reverses the flow of gravity and allows all the blood and oxygen in your body travel to the head, resulting in a glowing effect on your skin. It has been shown that these exercises also improve the circulation, leading to a decrease of depression, and improved digestion.

5 Tips for a Healthier Life!

5 Tips for a Healthier Life
1. Eat more fiber
Try to eat more beans, broccoli, kale, cabbage, peas, apples and bananas in your daily diet. Fiber-rich foods are not only nutritious, but it will keep you full and satisfied longer.

2. Always look for ways to move more
Exercise most days of the week, at the rate of one hour per day, even if you have to divide that time into smaller segments throughout the day. But you should not plunk down in your chair after a workout and stay completely static for the rest of the day. Find small ways to make more movement into your day. Walk more. Russ Stretch muscles. Take more steps. Choose stairs over an escalator or elevator.

3. Pay attention to how your pants fit
If you notice that your pants feel tight frequent use, that's your little wake up call for your health, and your fitness efforts are lowering the level. It may seem a little silly, but your jeans may reflect more accurately what you're eating and how much exercise you are doing regularly.

4. Start giving importance to breakfast
Some people take seriously enough the issue of weight loss, and the first thing they do is skip breakfast until many hours after waking. If you want your metabolism is in your favor, you should eat when you wake up. If you do not eat breakfast, your body thinks you are starving and will not start your fat burning metabolic machine.

5. Sleep more
People sometimes laugh at the idea of sleeping seven or eight hours a night, like a preposterous suggestion unrealistic. It can be a challenge for our schedule and routine, but the dream is as good as exercise and healthy eating. Must be seen as a component of your overall health. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on your mind, body and weight. Begin to see the dream as a healthy choice to help support your other options.

10 Strategies to Lose Weight!

10 Strategies to Lose Weight
A poor diet and lack of physical activity are the triggers of overweight, however, Mayo Clinic specialists claim that stress and inadequate sleep are factors that promote obesity and overweight.

In an interview Matthew M. Clark, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, notes that one study showed that exercise, a nutritious diet and adequate rest (seven hours of sleep) help you lose weight and control stress.

According to information from the Mayo Clinic, the common dieters tend to gain weight over time, due to the cycle of weight loss-gain:
  1. Desire for change
  2. Unrealistic Expectations
  3. Deprivation
  4. Initial weight loss
  5. Fluctuating weight-plateau
  6. Frustration-ambivalence
  7. Relapse-increased intake
  8. Weight Gain
  9. Reduced confidence
  10. Efforts discontinued or cycle start again

However, the detailed licensed clinical psychologist with the following 10 behavioral strategies can achieve the goal of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Know them!
  1. Evaluate your mood and your health
  2. Select your nutritional plan (diet)
  3. Make exercise fun
  4. Create a support system
  5. Use stress reduction strategies
  6. Have a positive body image
  7. Set realistic goals
  8. Use positive thoughts, and trust yourself
  9. Implements a motivational plan
  10. Develop relapse prevention techniques
Another tip to lose weight is to clearly identify if you have a mood disorder such as depression, anxiety, panic, psychotic, bipolar, schizophrenia or substance abuse treatment to take to help you control it.

People who are most successful at weight control are those that are exercised regularly, solves problems, social supports and has healthy dietary changes. And you, how do you stay at your ideal weight?

7 Tips to Live a Life with more Energy!

7 Tips to Live a Life with more Energy
Humans have the power to cultivate energy within our body, for use in the moments that we believe appropriate. Even when you're exhausted, your body can lead you to a place of greater vitality, inner strength and well-being.

1. Rest when your body will ask
It is important to follow the directions of your body, especially when it comes to the hours you need to rest and not overburden with activities. If in doubt, always seeking rest. When you listen to your body and give it the rest it needs, you can store energy more efficiently, and on the other hand will be noticed in your appearance.

2. Cultivate stillness within you
There is an amazing healing power in stillness. You must give some priority to creating quiet spaces in your day. Find those places let you really feel the stillness, letting penetrate your body.

3. Practice breathing throughout your body
Each day, take some time to breathe consciously. Feel your breath in the body and try to notice how far it goes inside you. With each inhalation and exhalation, feel your breath extend beyond your body (it feels as if every cell in your body was breathing).

4. Nourish your body with whole heart
Be aware and honest in the way of feeding your body by choosing foods that feel intrinsically good for you. Please note that food can provide a sense of restoration and healing throughout your body. And if you are unsure, ask your inner self what your body needs at all times.

5. Gentle movements
Integrating soft movements in your day to day can help you connect more fully with your body and self. Walk light stretching, restorative yoga and similar activities can be a great help for recovering energy in your body and your life. Explore the different types of motion and see what feels good for your body.

6. Have compassion for yourself
We obtain also energy of love and compassion. Be kind to your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your actions. Feel the love and compassion in your heart and you will achieve that warmth spread yourself regularly.

7. Stop what you consume more energy
You must be aware of how your body responds to different people, places and experiences in your life, and really consider whether support and play a positive role, or whether on the contrary are depleting your energy without results warrant.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Health: The ABC of Diets!

The ABC of Diets
We give guidelines for the kilos you lose your spare. Take adequate food, exercise and above all, do not miss the humor.

If you can spare a few kilos, it's time to act now. We offer some very practical tips to lose weight you need and be good inside and out.

A proper diet, physical exercise, controlling carbohydrates, avoid fats accumulate or retain fluids are key for you to succeed in your goal. We give hints to achieve and also, we offer the recipe to keep your spirits and you overcome your purpose. Your body and mind will thank you.

Remember that obesity is a chronic disease and therefore not curable, but is treatable should not be delayed with a healthy diet.

Fat and Calories
• One gram of fat provides nine calories, ie twice what food brings a gram of fat is believed that much like sugar, bread, chickpeas or lentils.
• Only 10% reduce calories from fats and thins (about two kilos in a month).
• Meat is 20% fat unseen and fish, except blue, only 3 to 9%.
• Not all calories are equal, for example, those that come from carbohydrates (rice, pasta ...) less fattening because we spend 20% of which we provide.

Exercise and good cheer
• A successful diet also lies in achieving greater calorie expenditure increasing exercise. Choose the one to go with you to avoid leaving it. A recommended practice is to walk. It's easy and free. Do daily brisk walk for half an hour at least and will be very effective. Avoid taking the elevator up and down the stairs walking.
• Another pillar is the psychological belief encourages us to maintain willpower and not abandon the diet on the road. Take it as a goal to achieve and rewards your efforts. The result will be worth it and you will feel bouncy if decaes.

Key guidance
• Become the purpose of taking four or five smaller meals instead of two heavy. Serve on dessert plates.
• It is essential how to cook. From this point, the oven, steam and microwave are your allies. There are hundreds of recipes that are scrumptious fat.
• The dressing also has to take care. Use sauces like soy.
• Please hand foil. Wrapped in this paper and baked, almost everything is rich and fat.
• Chew food slowly and long.
• fruit and vegetables Take mid-morning or mid-afternoon and in moments of weakness.

A good menu
• Includes and mushrooms in your diet. Are low in calories, have much water ... and not fattening.
• The ideal is to reduce fat intake.
• Try to eat everything, but in small amounts.
• Drink about two liters of water a day and even more, as it will give satiety.
• Includes fiber. It will help you feel more full and, incidentally, helps to lower cholesterol and prevent constipation.
• Take two servings (100 g each) daily animal protein (meat or fish). Also choose legumes.