Friday, 10 May 2013

5 Tips for a Healthier Life!

5 Tips for a Healthier Life
1. Eat more fiber
Try to eat more beans, broccoli, kale, cabbage, peas, apples and bananas in your daily diet. Fiber-rich foods are not only nutritious, but it will keep you full and satisfied longer.

2. Always look for ways to move more
Exercise most days of the week, at the rate of one hour per day, even if you have to divide that time into smaller segments throughout the day. But you should not plunk down in your chair after a workout and stay completely static for the rest of the day. Find small ways to make more movement into your day. Walk more. Russ Stretch muscles. Take more steps. Choose stairs over an escalator or elevator.

3. Pay attention to how your pants fit
If you notice that your pants feel tight frequent use, that's your little wake up call for your health, and your fitness efforts are lowering the level. It may seem a little silly, but your jeans may reflect more accurately what you're eating and how much exercise you are doing regularly.

4. Start giving importance to breakfast
Some people take seriously enough the issue of weight loss, and the first thing they do is skip breakfast until many hours after waking. If you want your metabolism is in your favor, you should eat when you wake up. If you do not eat breakfast, your body thinks you are starving and will not start your fat burning metabolic machine.

5. Sleep more
People sometimes laugh at the idea of sleeping seven or eight hours a night, like a preposterous suggestion unrealistic. It can be a challenge for our schedule and routine, but the dream is as good as exercise and healthy eating. Must be seen as a component of your overall health. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on your mind, body and weight. Begin to see the dream as a healthy choice to help support your other options.