Friday, 10 May 2013

Choosing the Shampoo!

Choosing the Shampoo
Many of us no longer know what shampoo selected to be good for our hair. There are a variety of types of shampoo for every hair type and sometimes we have no idea what could be better. That's why today we will tell you how you can select a good shampoo according to whether your hair is dry, is weak, fatty, dyed, straight, curly, etc.

The first thing to consider is this: the characteristics of your hair. You should focus on the central feature of your hair, because usually there are different types but never find a shampoo for curly and brittle hair. In this case, for example, must take more account of the characteristic that your hair is brittle and buy to fix this problem. If we have a healthy hair, our curlers hardly look good.

Another aspect that is important to keep in mind when buying a shampoo is the price the same. You should note that there are only overvalued brands by the brand itself. So it's important that you make the value for money, and for that you compare prices. If you think there is an ideal product for your hair but it is so affordable that does not look good, I recommend you try. Sometimes you'll get tremendous surprises. Another issue I think is important is the odor of the shampoo.

If you buy one that does us good to hair but it smells bad, it is not ideal. You must find the balance between these aspects to find the right one.

Bear in mind also when bathing, you should follow the directions on the package. Sometimes we do not know to use the shampoo and that's why we work. Always we must apply first to our hand and then with moistened hair and we must apply it in a circular massaging the scalp to have a better effect. It is important to form the foam as it is a sign that you've massaged enough. Remember to leave a moment that the shampoo takes effect and not take it off the next second.

Another important issue is that you wash every day, always in need of cleaning, especially when you walk in the street for hours.