Friday, 10 May 2013

Makeup Secrets!

Makeup Secrets
It's unbelievable how some carry a hectic lifestyle and often, either for work performed or for any other reason, we ignore the beauty and completely neglect, and that sometimes we spend even 5 minutes a day , then your physical appearance is noticed, so we recommend that at least 10 minutes of your day to day I devote to makeup, completely enhance your appearance completely.}

To do this we use some good makeup artist secrets, first a good concealer. Nothing should makeup start using it in the place where you have dark circles you want to hide. You can put a bit of concealer on the lip contour, so you can avoid wrinkles. You'll have to spread it well so that no lumps remain small.

Then, apply Make-base, and cast a little dust that is the same color as the base, so you'll have extra support. If it's a daytime makeup, you must ensure that you look as natural as possible, so it is best that you get a shadow as light shade.

Then you have to highlight the eye as much as possible. The best you can do is apply a brown shadow in the corner of your eyes, once done that you will only diffusing into the eye, and your eyes will shine with more explicitness and highlighted more.