Friday, 10 May 2013

10 Strategies to Lose Weight!

10 Strategies to Lose Weight
A poor diet and lack of physical activity are the triggers of overweight, however, Mayo Clinic specialists claim that stress and inadequate sleep are factors that promote obesity and overweight.

In an interview Matthew M. Clark, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, notes that one study showed that exercise, a nutritious diet and adequate rest (seven hours of sleep) help you lose weight and control stress.

According to information from the Mayo Clinic, the common dieters tend to gain weight over time, due to the cycle of weight loss-gain:
  1. Desire for change
  2. Unrealistic Expectations
  3. Deprivation
  4. Initial weight loss
  5. Fluctuating weight-plateau
  6. Frustration-ambivalence
  7. Relapse-increased intake
  8. Weight Gain
  9. Reduced confidence
  10. Efforts discontinued or cycle start again

However, the detailed licensed clinical psychologist with the following 10 behavioral strategies can achieve the goal of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Know them!
  1. Evaluate your mood and your health
  2. Select your nutritional plan (diet)
  3. Make exercise fun
  4. Create a support system
  5. Use stress reduction strategies
  6. Have a positive body image
  7. Set realistic goals
  8. Use positive thoughts, and trust yourself
  9. Implements a motivational plan
  10. Develop relapse prevention techniques
Another tip to lose weight is to clearly identify if you have a mood disorder such as depression, anxiety, panic, psychotic, bipolar, schizophrenia or substance abuse treatment to take to help you control it.

People who are most successful at weight control are those that are exercised regularly, solves problems, social supports and has healthy dietary changes. And you, how do you stay at your ideal weight?