Saturday, 11 May 2013

The benefits provided by Quitting!

The benefits provided by Quitting
For people who are trying day by day quit smoking and start a new life, in this article I bring prior information so they are aware of the great benefit that has quit. Obviously we all know that smoking is not allowed good results but as it is a vice that for many it becomes difficult to stop, not a bad idea to motivate them with some vital information about the benefits that leaves us once we made the big decision to quit smoking.

  1. For starters we have the great benefit that will not have to spend more money to buy a ticket, because we can use that money for other purchases, perhaps something more productive, like any healthy food or something that has nothing to do with the vice of snuff.
  2. Another benefit that we have to stop smoking is to be free from coughing causes snuff us, all who have been smokers or those who continue to smoke even know exactly how annoying this is.
  3. Also get rid of bad odor causing snuff consumption. Normally we do not feel up to running into another smoker.
  4. Many times we have to visit a health center to address one of the problems caused by snuff, throat infection by nicotine and obviously this routine we forget to stop smoking bothers.
  5. Another benefit is very comfortable to feel that food tastes much better. Really to stop smoking, the food tastes better and we remove all the nicotine and dirt that accumulate with each cigarette you smoke.
  6. After leaving the snuff you start to replace some physical, such as seeing us healthier, have a skin with a natural tone and started to gain more weight. Our physical appearance changes completely.
  7. We will not have to go through embarrassing moments, such as having to talk to other people and noticing that the smell you leave the ground because the people around you perceive reach.
  8. We say goodbye to yellow teeth. Being a smoker, no matter how many times we brush, our teeth remain yellow and is virtually impossible to maintain a perfectly white teeth.

In short, smoking causes us so much damage that would limit death, that is why we must act before it is too late. This concludes the article, I hope you have been very helpful. Having these trifles present helps keep us motivated when we decided to quit.