Friday, 10 May 2013

7 Tips to Live a Life with more Energy!

7 Tips to Live a Life with more Energy
Humans have the power to cultivate energy within our body, for use in the moments that we believe appropriate. Even when you're exhausted, your body can lead you to a place of greater vitality, inner strength and well-being.

1. Rest when your body will ask
It is important to follow the directions of your body, especially when it comes to the hours you need to rest and not overburden with activities. If in doubt, always seeking rest. When you listen to your body and give it the rest it needs, you can store energy more efficiently, and on the other hand will be noticed in your appearance.

2. Cultivate stillness within you
There is an amazing healing power in stillness. You must give some priority to creating quiet spaces in your day. Find those places let you really feel the stillness, letting penetrate your body.

3. Practice breathing throughout your body
Each day, take some time to breathe consciously. Feel your breath in the body and try to notice how far it goes inside you. With each inhalation and exhalation, feel your breath extend beyond your body (it feels as if every cell in your body was breathing).

4. Nourish your body with whole heart
Be aware and honest in the way of feeding your body by choosing foods that feel intrinsically good for you. Please note that food can provide a sense of restoration and healing throughout your body. And if you are unsure, ask your inner self what your body needs at all times.

5. Gentle movements
Integrating soft movements in your day to day can help you connect more fully with your body and self. Walk light stretching, restorative yoga and similar activities can be a great help for recovering energy in your body and your life. Explore the different types of motion and see what feels good for your body.

6. Have compassion for yourself
We obtain also energy of love and compassion. Be kind to your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your actions. Feel the love and compassion in your heart and you will achieve that warmth spread yourself regularly.

7. Stop what you consume more energy
You must be aware of how your body responds to different people, places and experiences in your life, and really consider whether support and play a positive role, or whether on the contrary are depleting your energy without results warrant.