Friday, 10 May 2013

4 Ways to Listen to Your Body Language!

4 Ways to Listen to Your Body Language
1. Meditate and breathe
The benefits of meditation exercises are many, and the possibilities are endless, and we are all different. Meditation is a great way to listen to your body and soul, and allow more eloquent messages come to your mind.

One thing you can discover through meditation is quite a strange feeling in the body and a remarkable relaxation of muscles, even if you did not know you were tense.

Although not always know what all the feelings that meditation is affecting our body, it is always good to take time to know you better yourself and your body.

2. Slow down when you feel the need, and expresses the emotions bottled
When we become more aware of ourselves is when we really started him on a course to our lives. Things do not just happen to us, we have a say in the manifestation of our experiences. Like the brain sends the signal to the body to move and do, our thoughts, our words and our actions affect our body.

We love talking to our body, we can caress, soothe and massage with our own hands, and honor the messages that the body gives us every moment.

3. Pay attention to the patterns present in your life
Many of our behaviors and experiences, like nature, still some kind of rhythm and cycle. Not everything that we feel and experience is a complete random occurrence.

In a log book, records lunar stations, season, year, or even the anticipation of the sun in your thoughts for the experiences that happen to you. You may find a pattern and a vision with these experiences that may be useful to your life as the years running.

4. No need to know the meaning of every little thing
It is always important to honor yourself. Trust your feelings and distrust of the meaning of your experiences and what is true for you. Let the feelings go and return. Only mental notes to always move forward. Everything will make more sense with the passage of time.

Just slows a bit and pay attention. Leave all windows open and let yourself be surprised by the wonders that life has to offer.