Friday, 10 May 2013

Tips on How to Get Healthy Hair!

Tips on How to Get Healthy Hair
All women are envious of that brand of shampoo commercials and cream rinse where models show their hair radiant, silky, hydrated, with perfect waves ... and think ... why I do not work like the product? Today we bring you some tips that can complement the products and ensure that all hair that we all desire.

For healthy hair, as all we have proved, not simply use the best products and with the best hairdressers attend. The secret is to take care of daily and special way you require. Like any part of the body, the hair has certain needs to stay healthy and shiny.

Some tips we can give them so they can keep hair strong, healthy and silky, is to make a diet that is healthy. The consumption of foods containing protein, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids are extremely important so that the hair does not spoil. So it is important to know what foods to consume to keep it healthy. Proteins, in turn, are extremely useful to prevent hair breakage, also facilitates its growth and color.

Acids, in turn, help keep the hair healthy and silky.

Another important issue when it comes to taking care of our hair is the use of brushes and combs that have rubber teeth. Those plastic or wooden teeth usually scalp hurt us, impeding the growth of the hair.
It is important that you brush your hair prior to bathing and that while bathing the hair is a little weaker and tends to fall. On the other hand, when we apply shampoo massage the scalp so that in this way we help to stimulate the circulation of blood.

Finally we can give you the advice to use ionic dryer, as they are the least harmful to the hair. You can use them with a mouthpiece so that contact with the hair straight is the least possible.
Hope you can follow these tips basic and simple in order to achieve the hair you have always wanted.


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