Saturday, 11 May 2013

Seven Erectile Dysfunction Treatments that Improve Your Sex Life!

Seven erectile dysfunction treatments that improve your sex life
Little is said about erectile dysfunction, but has recently gained prominence thanks to the release of a surgical procedure penis. In youth, the main cause of impotence is usually anxiety, chronic diseases such as diabetes, uncontrolled cholesterol, hypertension, obesity and smoking are related to episodes of impotence in older men. "Erectile dysfunction affects nearly 40% of men aged 40-80 years."
Given the high incidence of the problem, however, finding medical help is still quite shy. Embarrassed by the situation, men wait three to five years to schedule a consultation with a specialist, according to urologists. "Medicine has made great progress in this field, we can say that, today, the one with erectile dysfunction is because he wants".

The following are seven treatments for impotence.

Oral drugs
Oral medications are always the first choice of treatment of erectile dysfunction provided the patient has no lesions in the arteries of the penis or contraindications for substances of the formulas. "They improve blood flow to the penis, which helps erection. It should be taken with not very full stomach, about one to two hours before intercourse and vary in time of action and power.
The long-acting drugs, for example, may serve a maximum of 36 hours. This does not mean that man has an erection for 36 hours, but during that period may have an erection when sexually stimulated. The obligation to take the medicine before having a relationship, however, bothers some men for disturbing the spontaneity of the moment. In these cases, your doctor may prescribe a daily dose of drug, as an ongoing treatment. The main side effects are headache, flushing, stuffy nose feeling and tachycardia. At the sign of any of these or other symptoms, the doctor should be informed.

If oral medications are not effective or are contraindicated, the specialist will go for the second option for treatment: intra-cavernous. The advantage of the method is that the drug acts about fifteen minutes after application. Moreover, this case does not need any encouragement to a man to have an erection. "The substance injected stimulates circulation and promotes dilation of the arteries at the site, which increases blood flow to the penis resulting in an erection." The duration of erection varies depending on the injected dose, which is set in consultation with your doctor.

Although effective, treatment is not always well accepted by patients. "Some people are afraid of the needle." "Imagine, then, if in the penis." Experts stress that people with difficulties in maintaining a pulse or conditions that cause hand tremors should seek the assistance of a partner for the application.

Malleable prosthesis in the penis
The penile prosthesis surgeries and treatments are therefore more complex than taking medicines or injections. So take third place in the scale of options for patients with erectile dysfunction. The type of technique simpler and more affordable. "The doctor inserts a metal rod wrapped with silicone malleable in the patient, which means it is strong enough for penetration to 100% of the time. At the time of connection, simply lifts the penis.
Surgery malleable penile prosthesis lasts about an hour and you can leave the hospital 24 hours after surgery with a bandage to prevent bruising and keep the penis down, which makes the trip to the bathroom, for example. In the days that follow, there is a natural discomfort of surgery, but no acute pain.
The sexual life, in turn, can be resumed within 30 days after the operation. It is worth reiterating that this is a totally artificial construct. But according to the urologist, usually provide greater patient satisfaction than medication or injection. The only caution in man is when it comes to "accommodate" the penis. Because it is no longer more limply at before the operation, you may need special underwear to conceal the volume.

Inflatable penile prosthesis
Unlike the malleable penile prosthesis, the prosthesis allows the inflatable penis returns to its flaccid state after sex. The method includes the introduction of inflatable penile cylinders connected to a pump with a special liquid, which simulate blood implanted in the scrotal area, and a third testicle. To promote erection, simply activate the pump to drain the fluid in the cylinder. After intercourse the penis must be slightly pressed down so that the liquid back to the pump and becomes flaccid again.
The surgery takes about two hours and the patient should be hospitalized for a day or two. As in the malleable prosthesis activity, your sex life can resume the approximately 30 days after the procedure and does not deteriorate day to day activity. Of the two types, this is the one that can make this more erect penis. However, it has a higher cost.

"In many cases, erectile dysfunction can result from psychological factors." For such patients, none of the treatments described above. It is best to consult a sexologist trained therapist will help put an end to this blockade. The problem may start on any day in which, because of anxiety, man has an erection. If you control the fear of impotence in the next opportunity, the collection gets bigger, further hindering your performance.

According to several urologists, it is common for men with erectile dysfunction men ask an indication of a drug to be a consultation with a specialist. This can not only mask the problem, but also cause serious health problems if you have the appropriate profile for medication.


The bypass is a procedure suitable for fairly severe erectile dysfunction. "It is done when the patient has problems in the arteries that supply the penis." The case, however, must be carefully evaluated. How to make a heart bypass, for example, is crucial, as the body works 24 hours a day. The penis, in turn, spends most downtime. Improve vascularization, therefore, may lead to clogged veins and blood flow decreases when it is too soft.

Vacuum pump
The vacuum pumps were forgotten as part of the arsenal of treatments for erectile dysfunction, but regains strength in operated patients with prostate cancer who seek penile rehabilitation. Today, only sold in sex accessory stores, because they increase the volume of the penis. It consists of a cylinder into which the penis is inserted. "By means of a suction system, then the air is removed from the cylinder, reducing the" internal pressure conditions. This negative pressure promotes blood flow to the penis, which favors erection.
The vacuum pump is used in medicine only in patients who have had to remove the penile prosthesis infection or rejection. During the period that they have to wait to do another intervention, the pump can be useful to prevent deforming scars the organ.