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Skin Care of New Born Baby

Babies are beautiful blessing from God. Caring and nourishing baby is the priority of every mom. Motherhood   Keeping your baby warm and nourished is top of the list. Baby skin care is also an important thing to do. As babies skin is sensitive and more prunes to micro-organisms and other infections. Their immune system is as delicate as babies themselves are. Different chemical, dyes in clothes, fragrance, baby soaps and detergents can cause different skin infections, rashes, allergies and asthma in new born babies. Even your touch does influence your baby’s skin. Below are some tips for the baby skin care.

1. Natural skin care for baby:
Babies are born with the natural protective covering around skin called “vernix”. They usually have a bit wrinkly skin. This protective layer (vernix) peels off naturally with the passage of time, mostly during the first few weeks, so avoid rubbing or to rash it or to use different creams and lotions for this. Chemicals are not good for soft skin of babies. Go for natural ways like soft oil message with any light oil or natural oil. Giving a good message to new born is important one-on-one time. Like cuddling, a massage is a way to convey your love and affection for your baby. Try using olive or pure Coconut oil for baby’s body message. It keeps their skin naturally safe. In fact, research shows that a baby's very survival depends on being touched by others .As touch triggers hormones, boosts immunity, and helps fight disease

2. Resist bathing your baby frequently:
To protect your baby’s natural skin oils, avoid too-frequent bathing of baby. It leaves baby’s skin vulnerable, so it reacts to the different allergens in the environment. It should be no more than twice or three times a week. New born don’t get very dirty except when there is need for the diaper change. So expert’s advice not to use too much shampoos and soaps on baby’s skin. For the few early months, give them sponge bath two or three times a week and in other days go for cleaning of mouth, neck and diaper area with mild baby soap After bathing try to wrap the baby in soft baby towels and don’t rub them. Try to let the baby’s skin air dry.

3. Watch out for the weather:
Baby’s skin is so sensitive that it needs to be very careful while exposing them to sunlight. Keep your baby out of the sun as much as possible.  It is good to expose them to sunlight not before then six months. For babies younger than 6 months, sunscreen should be applied only to smaller area that couldn’t be covered with clothes like hands, face and neck. . Apply sun screen before going out with minimum SPF 30.sun screen can be applied on all the body, leaving eye area. Avoid taking baby out around 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. This is when the sun is at the peak of heat. Wrap them in cool soft wraps so that their skin would not react to heat as their skin is susceptible to heat rashes.
In winter, weather use to be very dry and can harm baby’s skin. Use jersey wraps and warm cloths during winter and place cool mist humidifier so that air in the baby’s room shouldn’t be dry.

4. Be Careful with Baby’s Laundry:
Baby’s skin responds very harshly to different detergent and dyes. Try to use baby laundry detergents that are “Free and clear” as recommended by doctors to avoid any skin rash and allergies from the heavy chemicals, fragrance and dyes in detergents. They can irritate baby’s soft skin. Wash baby clothes, nappies, blankets, bed sheets separately from the other family members.

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Green Juice – Jump Starts Your Body

Vegetable juice (also referred as: Green juice) is a drink made primarily of blended vegetables and also available in the form of powders. It is often touted as a low-sugar alternative to fruit juice, although some commercial brands of green juices use fruit juices as sweeteners, and may contain large amounts of sodium.

Over the past few years, juicing has transformed from an exclusive trend in the healthy living community into a national obsession. These days, everyone's talking about green juices.
Juicing has taken the health world by storm, and millions of people are now gulping down pounds of produce by the glassful.
•    Commercial vegetable juices are commonly made from varying combinations of carrots, beets, pumpkin, and tomatoes. The latter two, although not technically vegetables, are commonly used to increase palatability.
•    Other popular items in vegetable juices are parsley, dandelion greens, kale, celery, fennel and cucumbers, Lemon, garlic and ginger may be added by some for medicinal purposes.
•    Other common juices include carrot juice, tomato juice, and turnip juice.
There are some facts about green juices that are commonly known such as
•    Drinking vegetable juices as opposed to fruit juices,
•    Ensure that you use a mixer and not a juicer so that you get the fiber from the veggies. 
•    Don't strain the juice, but have it with the pulp.
•    Include cucumber in your juicy diet.
First, the benefits. Juicing is an easy way to shower your body with concentrated amounts of nutrient-packed vegetables and fruit. Plus, these drinks are automatically low in ingredients you want to avoid, like toxic fats, added sugars and salt.
•    Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that are good for your overall health and vitality.
•    Green juice is an easy remedy for constipation problem.
•    Your body immediately absorbs all these nutrients because juice is in liquid form. You give your digestive system a rest because it doesn’t have to breakdown any solid foods, and the nutrients go directly into your cells and bloodstream, making it much easier on your body. As a result, you feel lighter yet active throughout the day.
•    Green juicing helps you lose weight in a seamless manner.
•    Juicing floods your system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants.
•    It may be the first step toward a long-lasting lifestyle change,
•    It jumpstarts a weight-loss treatment by helping to reorient your taste buds as well as psychological connection to food.
•    It boosts your immunity.
•    It makes your skin glow. These can help in clearing acne and other skin conditions.
•    It improves digestion.
Side effects
As a word of caution, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before undertaking any severe change in one’s diet. There are no specific side effects that are associated exclusively with juices. But…
•    The low sodium content of most vegetables, salt deficiency may occur which causes
1.    headaches
2.    weakness
3.    light-headedness
4.    Nausea.
That’s all for now. Hope you liked it.
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Food Allergy - Ask A Doctor

Food allergy is an immune system reaction that a human suffers after consuming unhealthy food. Just by eating a little allergenic food can cause problems and symptoms such as swollen airways, digestive problems and hives as well. Life threatening disease known as anaphylaxis can occur if some people are suffering from severe symptoms. With some restaurants around the world not meeting the hygiene standards and providing unhygienic foods, victims of food allergy are increasing daily. So prevention is truly better than cure. Ask the doctor online for consultation about food allergies. Here are examples of what you can ask and how you can get help for it on the internet.

Am I Really Suffering From Food Poisoning?
Online doctor prescription can go a long way in diagnosing and treating your food allergies from the comfort of your home. The doctor will inquire about the symptoms that you are suffering from and your answer might contain some of the following. These could be dizziness or fainting, hives or itching, swelling of lips or throat or any other part of the body. In addition, abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting could also be a sign along with breathing problems.

What Triggers These Allergies? 
A harmful substance in your food is identified by your immune system. Antibodies known as immunoglobulin are released by your cells to neutralize these harmful substances. Then these immunoglobulin antibodies sense the harmful substance and send some chemicals in your bloodstream. The symptoms listed above are then caused by the release of these chemicals. Proteins are a major source of balanced diet, but are a major cause of food allergies also. Increased usage of fish, peanuts, eggs and milk can cause food allergies, especially in children and pregnant women.

What Can I Do To Reduce My Allergic Reactions?
There are ways to avoid the allergic food with some preventative measures. If your children are suffering from food allergies, then better get them diagnosed from the nearest clinic. Give responsibility to some babysitters or relatives to make sure your children avoid allergic food. Explain them some measures to take in case of emergency. Make sure to improve the hygiene standards in your home and your workplace.

What about Medication? 
Prescribed antihistamines can help in alleviating minor allergic problems. Itching or hives could be relieved after taking these prescription drugs. But major allergic reactions can’t be relieved by it. A trip to a healthcare facility for a dose of epinephrine is necessary for that. Epinephrine auto injector is commonly carried by many patients that are suffering from severe allergic reactions and food poisoning.

What are the side effects? 
Serious side effects like high blood pressure, breathing difficulty and blurred vision could be caused by using epinephrine injector. Some minor side effects could be dizziness, sweating, pale skin and vomiting. However, there are alternatives that you can use if you feel severe side effects. Herbal remedies have proved to be effective around the world. Chinese have used their remedies in an effective manner to prevent symptoms and anaphylaxis. But there are concerns about some remedies so you should make sure to consult with your doctors. Consult different online websites before trying any herbal medication. This way, you can ensure your compliance with your doctor and the standard of your healthcare.

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