Saturday, 27 April 2013

What is Healthy Life?

Globalization brings many benefits from various points of view (economic, communication, academics, etc..) but, from the point of view of health, has led to several problems. The speed in which we live today, the highest standards of productivity and population concentration in large cities makes most of the population nationally and internationally store sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet (usually high in calories) and psychosocial problems (substance abuse, violence, family breakdown, etc..). National statistics speak of 67% of the population overweight (25% obese) and sedentary lifestyles, increasing to 87%, which contributes to the risk of development of chronic non-communicable diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes (abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides), which creates an obvious increase in cardiovascular risk population, in turn, our country statistically speaking 41% of smokers, 40% of problem drinkers and 17% of patients with depression .

Healthy living is more than just a media concept that arises from time to time trying to find easy solutions to this complex problem that is solidly installed in Western society. Healthy living is a lifelong plan-to be worked daily with attitudes and facts-which is based on individual actions, when added to those made by the other members of society, promotes changes in the form of see and live the life, which tend to perpetuate themselves across generations. Countries such as Finland and Iceland developed global healthy life policies, using various methods and resources, achieving successful results that have been displayed for several years. This shows that, with the commitment of all members of an institution or society, such initiatives can improve the quality of life of people.


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