Saturday, 27 April 2013

Foods That Help Take Care of Your Blood!

There are a number of foods that help take care of your blood which you specify below in order you to have this especially if you have or have had any type of problem with your blood. It's as easy as trying to consume these foods and eating a balanced diet and overcoats avoiding sweets and fatty sugars.

Here are the foods recommend that your blood is as healthy as possible:

Iron-rich foods such as meat, fish, organ meats (cheap and healthy food), nuts, legumes, whole grains, spinach and strawberries.

  • Foods rich in vitamin C such as orange, lemon and kiwi.
  • Foods rich in vitamin B12 such as brewer's yeast and lean meats.
  • Foods that help lower high blood cholesterol such as onion, garlic, apples and vegetables in general.
  • Foods that help fight or prevent anemia such as dark green vegetables, salad, spinach, lettuce and watercress. 

These foods are highly recommended for pregnant women who are pregnant or women who need planning pregnancy in order to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus.


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