Saturday, 27 April 2013

Take Fruit is Taking Vitamins!

Take fruit is taking vitamins because fruits contribute to our body almost all the vitamin C you need and more than half of vitamin A. Everyone knows that in the younger sections of the population, the consumption of fruit is not the minimum necessary and therefore it means that the amount of vitamins consumed by younger is not adequate.

Doctors and specialists digestive discuss the importance of the vitamins necessary in order that there are no gaps that may generate significant health problems. Medical professionals emphasize that vitamins and natural antioxidants have an important role in the prevention of diseases and the aging process.

The experts are very clear and that is that the vitamins that give us more combine fruits and eating them raw as if the cook lose much of these valuable vitamins and include vitamin A and vitamin C. It is also true that some vegetables also have a lot of vitamin C but like most of the time we consume cooked vegetables, commenting as we lose most of the vitamins.

Doctors and specialists in dermatology, also discussed the importance of eating the right vitamins to ensure the health of our skin is correct, as it is directly related to one thing with another. In order to prevent aging prematurely should eat little animal fat and abundant fruits and proteins. Another way of achieving this is to use a good sunscreen whenever expose our skin to sunlight.


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