Friday, 26 April 2013

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Cold potato slices: Apply cold potato slices over the eyelids keeping his eyes closed. When the potato grip your skin temperature, change a new slice.

Infusion of chamomile to reduce puffiness: Have a chamomile tea. Soak up removing disks in the infusion and apply on your closed eyes. Try to leave them on all night.

Kiwi: Please kiwi slices over the eyes for about 20 minutes.

Sliced ​​green apple: Apply green apple slices to lessen the dark circles around the eyelids.
Plaster apple sauce: Boil and mash an apple. Apply apple plasters on your closed eyes and leave on for 40 minutes.

To prevent dark circles: Half cup of wheat germ oil, half a glass of peach oil, 50 g of lanolin. Put the lanolin in double boiler and add the oil. Apply it every night.

Turmeric and pineapple juice: Make a cream with an oriental spice called turmeric revolt with pineapple juice. Apply dark circles.

Almond oil or castor:
Every night before bed to dark circles Apply castor oil or sweet almond. You will see the difference in two weeks.


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