Saturday, 27 April 2013

Consume Vegetables and Fish During Menopause!

Consume vegetables and fish during menopause to minimize disruption and associated pathologies that appear at this time of life of women.

Menopause is a very delicate stage for women both physically (osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, hot flashes, weight gain, etc..), And psychologically (anxiety, mood swings, etc..). To reach maturity with quality of life, it is important to implement prevention and adopt healthy lifestyles.
The Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause has indicated that consuming vegetables fruits and fish and reduce red meat intake, fat and salt can minimize symptoms experienced by women of menopausal age.  

It is very important that women, during this stage, watch your diet to prevent weight problems (decreased estrogen's modify the distribution of body fat, accumulating in the abdominal area).
Redial that the Mediterranean diet is healthy and balanced for this stage of the woman, as it is rich in fruits, vegetables, oily fish, legumes, cereals, rice, potatoes, nuts, milk and olive oil. After age 50, women should reduce their intake of calories to maintain optimal weight, but without forgetting the necessary intake of calcium and vitamin D.
Healthy life solutions recommend to all women with an active life always and when reach menopause, have a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, daily exercise practice and avoid any toxic habit like coffee , alcohol and snuff.


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