Saturday, 27 April 2013

Eat Healthy to Prevent Mental Decline!

Eat healthy to prevent mental decline is increasingly important. Drinking more than 2,000 calories a day could result in a future mental problems such as Alzheimer's. After 70 years, people may suffer memory loss, and may even reach mental diseases such as Alzheimer's.

According to a recent study, calorie intake influences these memory leaks, since in its excess, would seriously damage the brain. That is why doctors and endocrinologists recommend eating a balanced way to reduce your stress level.

For this study, researchers counted more than 1,200 people aged between 70 and 89 years. The conclusion to which investigators arrived is that people who ate more calories daily were twice as likely to suffer a memory disorder as those who ate less calories.
In these results we took into account other factors such as if the people had a history of stroke, diabetes or other risk factors for memory loss.

It was also noted that obesity and body mass index are related in terms of weight and height, but no significant differences between normal individuals and those suffering from some type of impairment.

Experts say that these results make much sense given that increased caloric intake is associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome, so it is very logical that a higher intake of calories is associated with mental decline.

The importance of a balanced diet and how important it is from a very small get used to eating healthy and well, if we turn from very small a habit, it will cost less to lead a healthy and balanced diet and as we have seen, it will be well worth the long term. For care for you, is the most important.


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