Monday, 5 August 2013

Woman and Osteoporosis

what is osteoporosis
What is Osteoporosis?

Did you know that the bones of the human skeleton are constantly changing? Have a continuous remodeling through processes of old bone destruction and new bone formation, and are also the reservoir of calcium in the body. When there is an imbalance between these two processes destruction occurs predominantly a disease called osteoporosis.

After 35 years women begins in the loss of small amounts of bone. In fact, many diseases or lifestyle habits can increase this loss, causing osteoporosis, even at early ages.

The decrease in the production of female sex hormones (estrogens) during the climacteric and menopause is a major cause of osteoporosis, especially when for some reason the ovaries removed.

A number of analysis and radiological studies, applied to women who have these risk factors, can detect this disease, the doctor is in charge of requesting and interpreting. Better safe than sorry, it is a common phrase, but with much sense in this issue of osteoporosis. Bone fractures sometimes can be as serious as aggressive and its consequences, which are even, cause loss of independence, and thus a decreased quality of life. On the other hand, you could stop having income or be unable to work permanently occupationally disabled. Therefore, it is best have the necessary requirements to achieve a good peak bone mass to reach the age of skeletal maturity. Therefore, it is recommended that during childhood and adolescence consume adequate amounts of calcium with food. In addition, it helps maintain exercise habits and eliminating as far as possible the snuff and alcohol.

Is important to note that not all women develop osteoporosis after menopause.
  1. Often is related to other risk factors such as:
  2. Early loss of menstruation (before age 45)
  3. Having a history of this disease in a family
  4. Not exercising
  5. Eating foods rich in calcium few
  6. Smoking and excessive alcohol intake
  7. Having had no pregnancies