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What is an Erectile Dysfunction Pump?

Description: An erectile dysfunction pump is usually prescribed for men who suffer from ED. It’s a non-invasive treatment that can also be used in conjunction with other ED treatments or medications.

An erectile dysfunction pump refers to a medical device that is used to help achieve and maintain an erection. While it’s not a cure for erectile dysfunction (ED), it can help men to have sexual intercourse. This device is also referred to some as a penis pump; it’s a non-invasive treatment that can be used alone or in conjunction with other ED treatments or oral medications.

Erectile Dysfunction Pump

An ED pump is made up of multiple parts. One part is a plastic tube that is placed over the penis, while another part of the pump is attached to a battery (alternatively it can also be hand operated). There is also a band or ring that can be placed around the base of the erect penis. The ED pump can be used by most men who have ED, especially those who can’t take medicines. However, don’t use the pump if you haven’t consulted your physician, as ED can also be an underlying condition for various other medical conditions. Treatment for those conditions can often also cure ED.

Where to Get an ED Pump

You can talk to your doctor as most ED pumps are available without prescription; however your doctor can provide a recommendation based on your condition. Some of these products sold in magazines may not be as effective and safe as they should be. Make sure that you choose one with a vacuum limited, as this will help to prevent the pressure from building too much and causing injuries.
Although it might take a bit of practice at first, most men are able to enjoy sexual intercourse with the help of an ED pump. These pumps also have other benefits to offer, including:

  • A lower risk of complications than with other medicines
  • Minimal costs after the initial purchase
  • It can be combined with other ED treatments like oral medications
In some cases an ED pump is not the best idea, such as with men that take blood thinners, or men with sickle cell anaemia. Potential side effects include bruising, pain, numbness, coldness, and red dots on the skin surface area. Contrary to what some people believe, an ED pump won’t make the penis bigger.
With proper medical documentation, some health insurance providers will cover the expense of an ED pump; however it is unlikely if you purchase it online or from a random supplier. Before purchasing an ED pump, always consult your physician to make sure that you need it.

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