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Discover 1 Amazingly Simple & Natural Source of Acne Cure!

One of the best remedy to cur acne is the use of potatoes. Now the question is why potatoes are considered to be a good anti acne product. Well, this is because that potatoes have all the ingredients which are considered to be really effective in treating acne such as sulfur, potassium & phosphorous. These ingredients are really good for health of your skin.

Acne Treatment

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Benefits of Potatoes

  • The mineral found in potatoes help in stimulating the collagen and they also provide youthful and toned skin complexion.
  • Potatoes also contain vitamin C which is an antioxidant that saves skin cells from getting damaged. It also helps repairing the damaged cells and boosts the healing process.
  • The alkaline property of potatoes works so effectively to fight against major factors that cause the development of acne by controlling sebum in skin pores.
  • The bacteria which are believed to cause acne breakouts can also be destroyed with the help of mild antibacterial properties.
  • If you use potato-based product on your skin, it will provide natural exfoliating which will remove all the dead skin cells which block the skin pores. Exfoliation is an important process that cures acne scars and also improves the production of healthy skin cells and develops a fresh layer of skin.
Various Ways to Use Potatoes

You can use potatoes in form of smashed, sliced, juice or facial mask. There are various ways to use potatoes, but the simplest of them is the use of juice which you can apply on the affected skin areas.

1) Rubbing & Juicing

Cut a potato in half and rub it on your skin; the rubbing process will juice out the minerals from potato and absorbed by your skin.

2) Slicing & Massaging

If you prefer to use slices, take a potato, wash it with fresh and clean water, peel it and cut into thinner slices. With cut slices, you can massage the acne effaced skin areas. Remember to use a new slice for each area or else there is a chance that the piece might get the bacteria which will worsen your problem.

Massaging works as a gentle exfoliation process in which dead skin cells are dissolved. You can also use an alternative way in which you can put slices on the affected areas for a few minutes and this will target the bacteria residing in acne infected areas.

Potato Face Mask

Another way to use potato for treating acne is potato face mask. You can rub the grated raw potato on effected skin areas and this will successfully remove the scars on face.

To prepare face mask, take potato of medium size and boil it but don’t peel it. Once it is boiled, allow it to cool and then mash. Include 2 tbs of milk powder and coconut oil for each. Now mix them all to prepare the mask. Once the mask is ready, you can use to apply it on your face and let it to dry for fifteen minutes and then wash your face with water.

The mask is also effective in getting rid of dark circles around eyes. This practice can be made 2-3 times a week.

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